Respect for environment and responsibility towards the community shape a positive future within traditional Chinese thought. Driven by this unique vision, ICICLE develops sustainable technical innovations to craft collections with the lowest possible impact on the planet.

At the heart of ICICLE’s ethos is the belief that quality clothing should not be confined to the few, but instead should be celebrated and enjoyed by as many as possible. Eschewing exclusivity, ICICLE’s philosophy aims to create a new paradigm where well-made, durable products foster inclusivity, sustainability, and meaningful connections – bringing positive impact on communities, while protecting the limited resources of our planet.

Guided by these values, ICICLE has created a contemporary industrial production system to produce exceptional, timeless garments and accessories, crafted from natural fabrics and designed to be long-lasting. This unique approach breaks new ground by demonstrating that large-scale, sustainable manufacturing is a genuine avenue for environmental enhancement and societal contribution.

With this goal, ICICLE continually endeavours to improve its practices. The development of patented materials and innovative techniques responds to the desire to have the least possible impact on the environment. Inspired by nature, ICICLE strives to find alternative solutions to reduce water and energy consumption, minimise waste on the cutting table, reuse dead stock fabrics, and support a better tomorrow.





The DEW innovation is the outcome of several years of research and development, working closely with the most renowned spinning mills, and leading institutions. Inspired by the natural phenomenon of dewdrop, it combines exceptional know-how, natural materials, and unwavering commitment to slow fashion.

This patented technical fabric is woven from Super 130s merino wool and silk yarns, that have been stretched but not set. The finishing treatment with water contracts the yarns, thus obtaining an extremely dense fabric. This density provides the fabric with naturally water- and wind-resistant properties, without any chemical treatment.

The resulting fabric retains the lightness of silk and the breathable properties of merino wool, while being wrinkle-resistant. Faithful to ICICLE’s philosophy, it offers an eco-friendly solution, and is available in several clothing categories as well as accessories, designed to be functional, comfortable, and elegant.


In pursuit of the most environmentally conscious production methods, ICICLE partners with one of Europe’s largest eco-friendly denim mills. Located within a regional natural park in northern Italy, this spinning mill has developed innovative solutions to minimise water consumption needed for the fabric’s weaving process by nearly 50%.

Forward-looking, it strives to utilise natural materials sourced from organic or regenerative agriculture, such as cotton and linen, or recycled alternative fibres. Adopting vegetable or innovative dyes derived from natural products and applied through sustainable techniques, it aims to protect the planet’s limited resources and minimise the use of chemicals.

Denim dyed with natural indigo is treated with chitosan, using an exclusive and patented sizing method. This bio-based and biodegradable product, derived from recycled food waste, replaces traditional polluting methods using PVA and durably preserves colour. During washing, it does not release microplastics, thus contributing to the preservation of natural environments.


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