Convinced that sustainable development is a collective responsibility, ICICLE is committed to being a positive player in the fashion industry. A family-owned and independent company, ICICLE explores new innovative paths since 1997 to develop sustainable practices.


Since 1997, ICICLE has been committed to sustainable development with a conviction: for fashion to be beautiful, it must be timeless, ethical, and environmentally friendly. This approach is part of a sustainable and responsible creative ecosystem, where the garment, the individual, and nature are intertwined.

With a responsible and comprehensive perspective on challenges related to material sourcing, product design, manufacturing, retail, and community experience, ICICLE seeks harmony between development, the environment, and society.

ICICLE designs, manufactures, and distributes clothing and accessories with the environment in mind and applying the principles of “anti-excess design“ to create pieces with pure simplicity, subliming only the essential. Our eco-friendly garments are timeless, functional, and easy to wear.


ICICLE favours organic natural fabrics, and enhances their unique properties. Cashmere, linen, wool, silk, and cotton are our five core natural raw materials. ICICLE works with outstanding textile producers with irreproachable ethical practices, and brings special care to choose the most beautiful fabrics: cashmere from Afghanistan and Inner Mongolia, linen from Belgium, wool from Italy, silk from China or cotton from Japan.

Driven by a quest for the most outstanding quality, ICICLE makes sure that these fabrics are compliant with exacting norms. Cultivation and production of organic fibres protect soils, waterways and ecosystems, since they do not use chemicals. They also turn out to be more respectful for the people, more pleasant to wear and longer-lasting, in line with our committed approach to create purposeful garments, combining comfort with timeless elegance.


ICICLE’s garments and accessories are treated with natural extracts, following eco-friendly techniques and with utter respect for the environment. Plant dyes unveil subtle shades, subliming the beauty of natural fibres and enhancing the pleasure of a skin-friendly experience.

Besides traditional plant dyes, with pigments extracted from organic elements such as pu’er tea, chestnut bur, pomegranate skin or walnut bark, which have been used for thousands of years, ICICLE is also on a quest for fearless sustainable innovation. The latest projects included “food waste made beautiful“: a new solution based on the recycling of food waste for textile treatment.

Dedicated to minimising its environmental footprint, ICICLE is unwavering in its commitment to promoting natural treatments throughout every phase of the manufacturing process. That’s why we choose to soak linen in rainwater and wax the sewing threads of our double face coats to enhance their durability. Our dedication to sustainable creation even extends to the most subtle details, demonstrating ICICLE’s resolute attention to environmental responsibility.


Committed to replacing disposable fashion with purposeful garments, ICICLE is carrying out a research and development strategy to design new innovative and sustainable materials. Driven by an eco-friendly vision, ICICLE strives to limit its impact on the environment and to preserve nature, the source of our exceptional materials and our main inspiration.

ICICLE endeavours to be a force for positive change, and to offer sustainable alternatives to traditional fabrics whose water, energy or chemical products consumptions go against our values. Following our “Made in Earth“ philosophy for mindful creation and production, ICICLE has developed unique and patented technologies, such as the naturally weather-resistant DEW fabric or the eco-conscious Earth Denim line.

Faithful to our vision for a harmonious human-nature relationship, ICICLE relentlessly pursues an ambitious innovation strategy and attracts highly demanded creative talents to design new materials and technologies, in order to preserve the limited resources of nature.


Sustainable development is our purpose. ICICLE practises the responsible manufacturing of ethical products in its two manufacturing centres in Shanghai and Haimen.

Our manufacturing centres avoid unnecessary expenditure of water or energy, preserve natural resources, and seek to minimise environmental impact. The main ICICLE manufacturing centre in Haimen has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certifications.

ICICLE uncompromisingly works with partners driven by the same environmentally conscious values. All the suppliers selected by ICICLE meet the standards of Chinese and international environmental certificates. This shared commitment to the Earth makes it possible to ensure the traceability of materials, and guarantee that production is compliant with our exacting requirements.


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