Cashmere, linen, wool, silk and cotton are our five core materials. We travel the world in search of outstanding textile producers with irreproachable ethical practices.

Whether it is cashmere from Afghanistan and Inner Mongolia, linen from Belgium, wool from Italy, silk from China or organic cotton from Japan: our fabrics all conform to exacting standards.

  • Organic Linen

    Organic linen fabric comes from Belgium and is one of the strongest natural fibres.

  • Natural Silk

    Over 129g of raw silk are used per square meter for our heavy silk fabric, a much higher proportion than in other silk clothes you can get on the market.

  • Organic Cotton

    Organic cotton grown in soil that has not been treated with any chemicals for more than 3 years, including the cultivation process.

  • Natural Colour Cashmere

    Knitted garments are made from natural undyed cashmere. Fine cashmere from Mongolia or Afghanistan is hand-sorted according to its natural colour, ranging from jade white to earth brown.

  • Organic Wool

    Organic wool is sheared from sheep that are allowed to roam in their natural environment.



Natural Accessory Materials

Over 95% of our buttons are made of natural horn, shell, coconut shell or metal.

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