Unique techniques ensure our clothes are treated with natural extracts and the utmost respect for the environment. Their quality shows in their feel and in their natural hues obtained through the use of plant dyes.

Plant Dyeing

Plant dyeing products are dyed with natural colourants made from indigo woad, logwood, walnut, cedarwood, onion skin, pomegranate skin and Pu’er Tea, etc.

  • Vegetable Tanned Leather

    Our vegetable tanned leather goods are made of finely selected leather from ltaly and tanned with the help of natural plant extract by hand. Vegetable tanned leather reduces environmental pollution.

  • A complex multi-step tanning process ensures the leather is light and delicate yet still durable.

  • Chestnut and pine are natural plant tanning agents, they allow a close-to-the-skin carefree experience.

  • Precise cuts mean less wastes for a flawless design.

  • We only select Italian calfskin from Tuscany for its incomparable elasticity and overall superior quality.

  • After a natural plant tanning treatment, our leather becomes incredibly soft to the touch, as if it was a second skin.

Rain-Treated Linen

Flax is left to soak in rainwater to wash out the naturally occurring gum that coats the plant fibre.

Pu’er tea dyeing

Pu’er Tea extract can be used as a form of natural plant dye.

Grain Dyeing

After dyeing the fabric, thanks to natural methods, powder is extracted from various grains used to coat its surface, which is then rinsed and washed.

Earth Denim

Our denim supplier from ltaly uses organic cotton and recycled yarn, among other natural fabrics, to produce denim dyed with indigo juice. An advanced washing technique saves close to 50% of water compared with traditional denim production, and all waste water is recycled.

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