During this holiday season, ICICLE celebrates the art of hosting and bringing people together. Until 5 January, our Parisian stores invite you to discover colourful and festive table sets inspired by nature, along with eco-friendly gift ideas.


The holiday season is a special time of year when we gather around the table with our loved ones to share a warm and joyful meal. For this occasion, ICICLE’s Parisian flagship store, located at 35 avenue George V, offers a festive table inspired by the colours of nature.

Scented candles and tea from Perfumer H, tableware and decorative items from La Romaine Éditions, pralines and chocolate from Palomas, knife holders and candlesticks from Romie Objetti, vases from Argot design studio, beeswax candles from Eska workshop, along with more surprises: ICICLE’s festive selection celebrates the art of hosting and gifting.

The organic shapes and colours of these table sets create a joyful mood that will surely welcome your loved ones and allow you to share a meaningful moment in each other’s company. Inside the bookstore of the ICICLE Cultural Space, more gift ideas are unveiled for both you and your chosen family, making sure no one is left out.

35 avenue George V, Paris 8
From Monday to Saturday | 11 am-7 pm
Special opening on Sundays 3, 10 and 17 December


Since over 25 years, ICICLE’s philosophy has been based on a sincere reverence for nature. This vision is rooted in traditional Chinese thought, which sees humans as being part of nature – and nature as being part of humans. In keeping with this commitment, ICICLE favours natural materials and processes, to create clothing and accessories that are as sustainable as they are comfortable.

Over the years, ICICLE has brought together, with its values, a growing family of women and men, united by the common pursuit of oneness with nature. In this festive season, where one reunites and gathers with their chosen family, there is a desire to shower loved ones in sincere gestures. To share moments of joy that will become fond memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

This year, what if you gave them gifts designed to last? Gifts crafted with respect for the environment. Gifts that will wrap them in softness and that they will cherish for many years.

ICICLE’s gift selection unveils jumpers, beanies and scarves in materials such as undyed cashmere or plant-dyed wool. In addition to this, bags and coats inspired by natural shapes, as well as scarves and shirts in colourful prints, make their way into the holiday collection that, true to ICICLE’s philosophy, pays tribute to the beauty of nature.


The holiday season is also the season of greetings. ICICLE has set up a mini photography studio in its Parisian stores to offer you an original and personal greeting card, that will surprise your loved ones.

Until 30 December, ICICLE invites you and your chosen family, or friends who have become kindred spirits, to come strike a pose in a festive and colourful setting. Your family portrait will be printed on-site and sent to you via email.

35 avenue George V
& 50 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Free entrance from Monday to Saturday | 11 am-7 pm
Special opening on Sundays 3, 10 and 17 December


20 NOVEMBER 2023 – 5 JANUARY 2024



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